Cancellation periods for health insurance: What you should know

There are several reasons why someone might want to change their health insurance provider. Be it because of rising premiums or for other reasons. However, switching can present some stumbling blocks if you don’t know the applicable notice periods and regulations. Therefore, in this blog post we will give you an overview of the most important points.

Change basic insurance

Basic insurance is a central component of the Swiss healthcare system. In order to save on premiums, a model change within the existing health insurance company should be examined first. Those who subsequently actually want to change health insurance companies have the option to do so every year at the new calendar year. In this case, the notice of termination must be submitted to the previous health insurance company by November 30 at the latest.

Notice periods for supplementary insurance

The situation is somewhat different for supplementary insurance. In principle, the supplementary insurance can also always be terminated at the end of the calendar year. Since the supplementary insurance is subject to a statutory notice period of 30 days, notice of termination should be received by the health insurance company no later than September 30. However, there are exceptions: If the insurance premiums change, you have an extraordinary right of termination. The cancellation must then be received by the health insurance company within 30 days of receipt of the information about the premium adjustment.

Important tips for changing health insurance companies

Confirmation: Obtain written confirmation of any termination. This is for your own safety, so that you do not have to pay double premiums unintentionally.

Risks with supplementary insurance: While switching basic insurance is straightforward, switching supplementary insurance can involve risks. A new health insurance company could refuse to accept you. Therefore, you should always wait for confirmation of acceptance from the new health insurance company before terminating the old one.

Waiting periods: Note that new waiting periods may apply if you change your supplementary insurance. This means that the cost of certain health care services will not be covered for the first 6 months after graduation. This is especially true for benefits related to pregnancy, eyeglasses, or dental insurance.

Even if you missed the deadline this year: It pays to regularly check your insurance coverage and premiums. A change can be ordered at any time for the next possible termination date. Choosing the right supplemental insurance can be complex. To find the optimal solution for your needs, a comprehensive consultation is very useful. With most new insurance policies for the coming year recently mailed, now is the ideal time to review your personal insurance situation.

Published On: 1. November 2023Categories: All about health insurance