Important points for insured persons at the start of the year

A new year often brings changes to your health insurance and there are some key points you shouldn’t overlook at the start of the year. Find out what is important now to optimize your health care in the new year.

Health insurance change and model change – what to do now

The year is already a few weeks old and for many people the new year begins with changes to their health insurance. Whether you have changed your health insurance provider or chosen a new insurance model, now is the time to take a few important steps to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly.

1. check your new policy

You should have already received your new insurance policy at the beginning of the year. It is essential that you check the details on the policy. Is your personal data correct? Are the services listed as expected? If you have not yet received your policy, contact your customer advisor immediately to clarify this.

2. inform your family doctor

If you have changed health insurer, it is important that your family doctor is informed of this change. This simplifies the administrative process and ensures that everything runs smoothly when you visit the doctor.

3. receipt of the health insurance card

Have you already received your new health insurance card, whether digital or physical? This card is particularly important, not only for visits to the doctor, but also for emergencies. Especially in view of possible winter vacations in other cantons or abroad. If you have not yet received the card, you should request it from your health insurance company as soon as possible.

4. adjustments for model changes

If you change your insurance model, for example to a family doctor model or telemedicine model, the way in which you can claim benefits may change. Find out exactly how and where you can obtain medical benefits.

5. adjustment of standing orders or direct debits

Don’t forget to adjust your standing orders or direct debit procedure (LSV) for contribution payments. This ensures that your payments are made correctly and on time and avoids inconvenience.

The start of a new year often brings changes to health insurance. It is therefore important that you check the above points and ensure that everything is set up correctly. If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your well-being and your health are the most important things, and well-organized health insurance is a key aspect of this.

Published On: 29. January 2024Categories: All about health insurance