Now is the ideal time for a health check-up

Spring awakening for your health: now is the perfect time for a check-up! Discover how a health check-up can give you a vital and safe start to the warm season, why now is the ideal time for it and how you can benefit from your supplementary insurance.

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising. Spring is a time of revival and vitality, not only in nature but also for our health. Many people use the first warm days to get fit for the summer with sport and exercise. But caution is advised: Zeal can sometimes lead to overexertion, with possible consequences ranging from minor injuries to serious health risks such as a heart attack. Before you start training, it is therefore advisable to ensure your own well-being by having a health check-up.

Why a health check-up in spring?

  • A new start for your health: after hibernation, it is important to gently prepare your body for more activity. A check-up provides information about your fitness and shows where you should perhaps start more gently.
  • Prevention is better than cure: regular check-ups can point out possible risks at an early stage and help you to prevent health problems.
  • Cost sharing through your insurance: Many supplementary insurances, including KPT’s Healthcare Comfort insurance, offer generous contributions towards preventive examinations and check-ups. General check-ups, gynecological check-ups – which are only covered by basic insurance every three years – or, for example, heart or diabetes checks at the pharmacy – can be supplemented by your supplementary insurance.

What should you look out for?

  • Inform yourself: It is essential to find out about the exact modalities of your supplementary insurance. Clarify which benefits are covered and how you can claim them.
  • Invoicing: It must be clear on the invoice that it is a check-up.

We support you

At simply, we are not only concerned that you are well insured, but also that you can make optimum use of your insurance benefits. Are you unsure whether your supplementary insurance will cover the costs of a check-up? Let us find out together and optimize your insurance benefits if necessary.

Get in touch with us now and make a safe and energetic start to spring!

Published On: 8. May 2024Categories: All about health insurance