Save on health insurance premiums without switching insurers? This is how it works!

Autumn is approaching and with it the topic of health insurance premiums is once again coming to the fore. Many wonder if switching health insurance providers will provide financial relief. But did you know that switching health insurance is not always necessary to save on premiums?

You may have wondered if switching health insurance providers is the key to lower premiums. But what if you are actually satisfied with the benefits provided by your current health insurance plan? Or if the administrative effort scares you off? No need to worry! There is a simple alternative to still save on premiums: Simply change the insurance model within your existing health insurance. The scope of cost coverage remains the same. The only difference is how you, as an insured person, use the individual health services. This way you can save without switching health insurance companies.

A look at the basic insurance models of KPT health insurance provider

Telemedicine and online pharmacy (KPTwin.easy):

This model relies on telemedicine consultation and medication dispatch. Medical consultations and referrals to specialists are always made by telephone. So there is no long journey or waiting time with this model. But if you prefer a personal doctor’s visit, this model is not for you.

Group practice / health center (

Here you choose the most suitable health center for you. The attending physician coordinates all your treatments. This model also offers discounted premiums made possible by centralized administration.

Family Doctor Model (KPTwin.doc):

The first point of contact for a medical consultation is always your chosen primary care physician. He knows you best and coordinates all treatments.

Family Physician and Telemedicine (

This is a combination of a primary care physician and telemedicine model, where you can see a doctor in person as well as receive telemedicine consultations. You decide on a case-by-case basis – premium discounts included!

Free choice of physician (standard model):

This is the most flexible, but also the most expensive model. You always have a free choice and can go directly to a specialist without a referral.

Published On: 14. September 2023Categories: All about health insurance