Your health goals at a glance – all year round

Get started and keep an eye on your health goals throughout the year. With “ActivePlus” from KPT, you lay the foundation for long-term health promotion.

It’s the same game every year – at the turn of the year, we enthusiastically set ourselves new goals: Exercise more, eat healthier and generally lead a more balanced life. However, the initial euphoria often fades and these good intentions are forgotten after just a few weeks. Does this sound familiar to you?

What if you had support that incentivized you to make health-conscious choices not just at the beginning of the year, but throughout? This is where the KPT “ActivePlus” offer comes into play – a product that is perfectly suited to support you in pursuing your health goals, regardless of the season.

An investment in your health

Combine hospital costs insurance with KPT’s Healthcare Comfort insurance and you will benefit from “ActivePlus”.* As part of this offer, KPT will contribute to the following costs for your health promotion, among others:

Up to CHF 200 cost sharing for gym subscriptions or group fitness to build stamina and strength.

Up to CHF 150 – Focus on your inner balance and well-being with offers such as yoga, nutrition coaching and stress management courses.

Up to CHF 50 – Get involved in sports clubs and benefit from a contribution towards membership and course costs.

Plan ahead and get started

Although you won’t be able to change your supplementary insurance until the fall, you can lay the foundations for your future health promotion now. By applying to take out or change your supplementary insurance today, you ensure that your commitment to your health is not forgotten.

Before you decide on the KPT “ActivePlus” product, it is important to consider your overall insurance situation. Our professional insurance advisors are on hand to ensure that your insurance cover is tailored precisely to your needs – without the risk of underinsurance or overinsurance. Together we will find the solution that best supports you in achieving your health goals.

* The following product combinations result in “ActivePlus”:

  • General hospital costs insurance + nursing care comfort
  • Semi-private hospital costs insurance + nursing care comfort
  • Private hospital costs insurance + nursing care comfort
  • Hospital costs insurance Private World + Nursing Comfort
  • Hospital costs insurance Flex Top + Nursing Comfort
Published On: 15. March 2024Categories: All about health insurance